Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo



I rarely write beauty product reviews because my skin is very sensitive and if you have been a long-time reader of my blog, you would know I am very allergic to many things- from food to certain chemicals to environmental conditions… the list is simply endless. But one brand I do trust is Olay as I have been very hiyang to their products and so far, I have not had allergies to their products. However. Being the conservative person I am, I still had to conduct the mandatory 48-hour before use skin allergy testing and I was more than satisfied to see that I didn’t react to the products I was sent. Continue reading Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo

Nothing But Blue Skies



So this outfit is pretty basic and something more of a uniform for me- peplum top, midi skirt, colorful pumps. It’s my go-to outfit for days when I need to look chic and put together but also want to be comfortable. These is basically a combination of a few of my wardrobe staples. I’ve pulled off this look methodically so many times in the past- to be honest. So rather than going in-depth about this look, let me tell you something more than just about fashion.

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The Blazer Dress


Dressing up for the workplace is something I am still getting accustomed to. I’there quite vocal in the past on how I refer to my style as somewhat “fashion bipolar” as I seem to have a penchant to wear outfits from complete opposites of the style spectrum and I do it quite severely wherein one day, I may be flirty and feminine and then the next, I’m all about androgynous and rocker chic attire. It was something I had a lot of fun with especially when I was in my early-mid twenties which I think is the perfect age to get away with almost everything (I say almost because when it comes to fashion, I tend to have a never say never policy but I have to say I made the exception and drew the line to that rule for visible underwear, thong lines, bra straps and pasties.) I got to experiment and that was fun but I’ve come a long way and while studs and spikes and grommets were something I used to be fond of, I think that hardly passes as appropriate work attire… well, unless you work in a brothel or you’re a dominatrix or something. Continue reading The Blazer Dress