Keeping It Casual


As much as I love getting all dolled up and dressing up to the nines, there are just some days that I want to dress down and keep it casual. These are usually during the weekends when I simply just want to lay low and throw on the first thing I see in my closet. Of course, dressing down doesn’t always mean sacrificing personal style which is why even if I want to keep my look as simple as possible, I still make sure it looks consistent, put together and classy.

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It’s all there in black and white



I’ve been wearing the most monochromatic clothes and outfits recently and I noticed I have not been wearing any color at all. Of course, this observation has puzzled me immensely since when I started blogging, I was all about the color. Maybe I am growing up and going for more classic pieces or perhaps I prefer clean cuts and “no frills attached” in terms of the clothes I wear. I can’t really pinpoint when this transition happened but somehow it seems the way I now dress up and select my outfits has changed drastically. While personally, this is a welcome change, I do also hope you don’t find me boring…yet.

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