Nothing But Blue Skies


Sky13So this outfit is pretty basic and something more of a uniform for me- peplum top, midi skirt, colorful pumps. It’s my go-to outfit for days when I need to look chic and put together but also want to be comfortable. These is basically a combination of a few of my wardrobe staples. I’ve pulled off this look methodically so many times in the past- to be honest. So rather than going in-depth about this look, let me tell you something more than just about fashion.

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So Adorably Clueless

Growing up, one of the most iconic movies I watched was Clueless. I read Jane Austen’s Emma as a child and loved that Clueless was basically a modern day adaptation of that. It was the ’90s version of Mean Girls and for nineties child, it was the movie to watch. I was so obsessed with it that I memorized the entire script from beginning to end. It was one of those “coming of age movies” that made 95% of the teenybopper girl relate to it. I mean, who could forget Cher Horowitz going, “As if!” and then copying it down to the very accent. So since it is Thursday and a big thing on Thursdays are Throw Backs- here’s my version of one. I am in an outfit that is an ode and tribute to Cher’s first look from the movie but this time, in pink because I didn’t want to be costumey. (Exhibit A: Iggy Azalea in her Fancy music video already got it down to a tee). Well aside from being fancy (and you already knowing it,) I also have to go to work and while I did get the “why is your skirt too short?” comment from my dad which I was able to justify like Cher many times in the movie starting off with, “Daddy…” I am also quite proud of coming up with the ensemble as I always wanted to wear something like this. I mean, who wouldn’t?

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