Don’t Ever Look Back


Red06So here I am in my Holiday finest and I decided that this photo is just so appropriate for my first entry of they year- despite being twenty days late (I am trying, really.) The photo is very significant for me for this 2016 and while I am not completely owning it and saying that this will be “my year” (I kind of did that last year and well, look where things turned out…), what I am sure of is that this year, means no looking back and that this year, I am at a place where I can say for sure that: there is no way to go but up. (Do you notice the sprinkle of self deprecation is that statement? Haha.)

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The Blazer Dress


Dressing up for the workplace is something I am still getting accustomed to. I’there quite vocal in the past on how I refer to my style as somewhat “fashion bipolar” as I seem to have a penchant to wear outfits from complete opposites of the style spectrum and I do it quite severely wherein one day, I may be flirty and feminine and then the next, I’m all about androgynous and rocker chic attire. It was something I had a lot of fun with especially when I was in my early-mid twenties which I think is the perfect age to get away with almost everything (I say almost because when it comes to fashion, I tend to have a never say never policy but I have to say I made the exception and drew the line to that rule for visible underwear, thong lines, bra straps and pasties.) I got to experiment and that was fun but I’ve come a long way and while studs and spikes and grommets were something I used to be fond of, I think that hardly passes as appropriate work attire… well, unless you work in a brothel or you’re a dominatrix or something. Continue reading The Blazer Dress

Bloggers United 9



Hello everyone! It’s that time of the year again and as you know, I for one cannot wait. Twice a year, our readers get a chance to come for a meet, a greet, a selfie or a hug and we are most willing to grant them this. This event is called Bloggers United and for the ninth time around, join me as I give you first dibs on scoring some fabulous finds from my closet- most of them once worn or not at all (yes, I do mean brand new stuff!) As you know, a blogger and a fashion maven like me can only store my beloved items with a limit and you would be doing me a great favor if you’d drop by my booth, look around and check if you’d be willing to give my clothes, shoes and accessories a new home where they’d be more appreciated. You’d be doing me a favor actually… So I have to say, in this case, I would owe you one.

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