Bloggers United 9



Hello everyone! It’s that time of the year again and as you know, I for one cannot wait. Twice a year, our readers get a chance to come for a meet, a greet, a selfie or a hug and we are most willing to grant them this. This event is called Bloggers United and for the ninth time around, join me as I give you first dibs on scoring some fabulous finds from my closet- most of them once worn or not at all (yes, I do mean brand new stuff!) As you know, a blogger and a fashion maven like me can only store my beloved items with a limit and you would be doing me a great favor if you’d drop by my booth, look around and check if you’d be willing to give my clothes, shoes and accessories a new home where they’d be more appreciated. You’d be doing me a favor actually… So I have to say, in this case, I would owe you one.

I don’t know if that made sense but in any case- I will see you at the Bloggers United 9 Interactive Shopping Fair this Saturday, June 6 at White Space Manila from 10 am-9 pm. Do come early though since it might be a jungle out there! I can’t wait to see you all, dolls!

PS: I’m giving out my signature cotton candy to those who drop by my booth and adopt my items!

x, J