Keeping it pure with a Little White Dress


First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of blog entries recently. I hope you don’t think I’ve decided to put my blogging duties permanently on hiatus. I still do consider myself a blogger but unfortunately, there are just so many things happening that require my attention as soon as possible. Much to the prodding of my P.A. tuned E.A. (who by the way, just celebrated her 27th birthday), Celyn, I have constantly been trying to blog but it seems that the stars refuse to align for me to able to do this because every time I attempt to do so, something comes up that required my immediate attention so I kind of have to do that first. It is a vicious cycle, really and one that Celyn and I have been accustomed to for the past weeks.

I know, I know. You might say I was able to balance it out before so what makes this time any different, right? Well as you know, Celyn and I decided to dive and free fall into the corporate world together and while we have been doing it for a long time already, the thing that makes it all new to us this time is that we are handling more things- more responsibilities, more corporations, a more strict work schedule… just MORE. Sometimes, I think that I’ve bitten more than I can chew and at my weakest moments- you know, when the problems and tasks just keep on piling up non-stop until there is a mountain of things to do before me- I just pull my hair and say “I don’t want to blog anymore!!!” But then after I calm down (by facing the wall and letting my frustrations stew… TRUE STORY), I get pulled back to reality and then I realize that I think I owe it to myself and my readers who have gone through this journey with me for 8 years to not just quit when the going gets tough.

However, I am growing up and I hope that you can grow with me as well. The content I will be having will have a different tone but do understand that I am evolving and I would like to think that when I get into something, I am consistent about it in all facets of my life…no more walls… Only the Marvelous, right?

So, now that I’ve gotten past that and explained extensively the reason for my absence, let’s get on with this post. As busy as we are, it always astounds me how Celyn and I are still able to manage to take stunning photos. In a way, I hope that proves to you our commitment to refuse to place anything mediocre as content for Only The Marvelous. Every time we get a chance to shoot, we take advantage of that time and make it work even if that involves climbing a cobble stone floor bridge in 4-inch heels or sitting on the railing to get the perfect “artistic” shot. The great thing about having this new and improved site and having Celyn as my assistant slash manager is that she pushes me to take things to another level and I’ve been able to get out of my comfort zone and conquer a few things and some fears- this one of course involves my fear of heights and the risk of falling into open water. It was just the perfect backdrop for this ensemble and I am glad I did it.

This particular set of photos was shot in Bataan and I think it was the perfect way to fuse the past and the present. I wore a Little White Dress (a recent favorite of mine) and after wearing it countless times, I am a convert. I actually find myself buying more white dresses recently that LBDs. I understand the aversion, really, as I used to associate it to being too bridal but I think if done right, you can totally pull it off and avoid that vibe.






Here’s a quick list of tips to manage to pull of the LWD just in case one day, you decide to be a convert like me:

1. Unless you are attending a wedding, white dresses are the perfect choice for a day dress for functions you will have to attend. Of course, there are variations that are appropriate for every occasion and you have to just take your pick- bohemian, shift, lace, maxi, eyelet and more- the choices are limitless.

2. You can work with one white dress and accessorize and play it up depending on where you are to use it. It is literally the perfect canvas- add a blazer and pumps for a corporate look, a denim jacket and sandals for a more laidback and weekend look or like in my case, flashy heels and elegant accessories for a cocktail look.

3. On days you feel bolder, add a pop of color. I am not kidding when I say that the LWD is a perfect base and the beauty of wearing white is that it gives you free rein especially when it comes to pairing it up with color. So if you want to make more of a statement, match it with bright hues: reds, blues, pinks etc. However use color sparingly and opt for just one statement piece to avoid overkill and to make that one accent piece stand out. Always remember, in this case, less is more.

4. Make sure to take advantage of the fact that a white dress will always make you look clean, fresh and elegant.

5. There are so many ways to wear a white dress and I cannot begin to cover it all. But basically, the best season to maximize wearing this is during the Spring and Summer season as it is not stifling. Avoid anything too binding and tight. You can easily go from day to night in this wardrobe staple. Do not hesitate to make it part of your arsenal to wear to any occasion that comes to mind… (well except for a wedding, unless you are the bride, that is!)

I hope you enjoyed my entry (despite it being a lengthy one… I just really missed you all)! Until the next one, dolls.












Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

Jacquard White Dress with Pockets: Zalora

Shoes: Forever 21