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I rarely write beauty product reviews because my skin is very sensitive and if you have been a long-time reader of my blog, you would know I am very allergic to many things- from food to certain chemicals to environmental conditions… the list is simply endless. But one brand I do trust is Olay as I have been very hiyang to their products and so far, I have not had allergies to their products. However. Being the conservative person I am, I still had to conduct the mandatory 48-hour before use skin allergy testing and I was more than satisfied to see that I didn’t react to the products I was sent.


According to the brand’s claim, the Miracle Duo of the Olay Regenerist® Miracle Boost and the Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream work together and are used to penetrate into the skin’s layers proactively and to activate each product’s optimal functions which mainly focus on the regeneration of a million cells and to boost surface cell metabolism that result in significantly younger looking skin. It sounded all so very technical, actually and I couldn’t imagine how a product in a jar could possibly reap all those benefits but anything to give me healthier, rejuvenated and younger-looking skin? Sign me up for that one!


So I bravely embarked on my journey to younger looking skin and included these two products to my regimen. I first applied the Olay Regenerist® Miracle Boost Youth Pro-Essence after my usual skin regimen of washing my skin from traces of makeup and after toning. Basically, I applied two drops and carefully spread it into my skin and neck. Now since I have oily-combination skin, I hate anything sticky and oily so I was happy to find that the product was actually very light, non-oily and very easily absorbed by my skin. I did feel my skin tighten and get matte instantly and the fun part: I didn’t feel any stinging or tingling sensation that my skin usually gets when applying new skin products! The general feeling after applying Pro-Essence to my skin is comparable to applying primer on your skin… in the sense that my skin felt so smooth, matte and soft.


As instructed, I then applied the Olay Regenerist® Micro-sculpting Cream Moisturiser since the combination of the Pro-Essence and the Cream are said to work twice as better in terms of skin penetration. The product, despite being cream-based was still very light and non-sticky and I could actually feel that it could easily replace the current moisturizer that I am using with this one instead. The only mistake I made was that I wasn’t so careful when I applied it to my face, which resulted on some product getting into my eyes, which hurt (a lot!) So be careful in that aspect!


Now since I’ve only been using these products for a couple of days, I don’t visibly see that I look any younger by 5-10 years (yet!) but I do have faith in the product and while I can’t see any immediate results yet, I can most definitely feel it because I do really feel my skin being more supple, smooth and hydrated (despite the hot and humid weather!) I definitely won’t give up on these products and plan to incorporate the Miracle Duo of the Olay Regenerist® Miracle Boost Youth Pro-Essence (SRP: P1,399) and the Olay Regenerist® Micro-sculpting Cream Moisturiser (SRP: P1,499) into my daily skin regimen and routine. Stay tuned as I update you on the progress of my skin as I try on and use these products for a longer time!


In the meantime, if you want to try the products out for yourself, you may purchase the Miracle Duo over at Lazada.com.ph/olay and see for yourself!


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Note: This is a sponsored post and the Miracle Duo kit was sent to me by Olay but the product review and all opinions stated in this entry were based on my personal experience.