Up In The Air


With all the controversy surrounding the local airports and flying situation here in my country, (you know, that one where corrupt airport officials plant bullets in passengers’ luggage so they can try to extort money from them in lieu of possible fines and jail time), it’s wise to say that it’s almost unsafe to travel, considering one is putting themselves at risk by the thought of even veering near the airport. Personally, I find the entire issue a travesty and another one for the books that puts my country in yet another embarrassing spotlight. Unfortunately, people will go through the most pathetic lengths to earn an easy buck. So as a tribute to a time before this issue blew up and probably before people implemented this scam, allow me to post this series of photographs of my outfit when I went away from the city to take a break.






Now to some people, taking a break means going to an instagram-worthy place to bask in the scenery and try out the food. While that sounds like an amazing plan, time and circumstance, do not allow me to do all that just yet. So, what do I decide to do when I simply need to “get away from it all?” Well I go to a place that always brings me back to my relaxed and grounded self and visit my beloved scholars in Iloilo. I know it isn’t much and it isn’t something grand or lavish but seeing my scholars beats the heck out of any destination vacation. There is just something so refreshing about being around people you consider family… people with so much love to give.

The funny thing is I’ve been whining about burning out weeks before I took this time off. I think people my age who try to balance so many facets of their life can relate to me when I say that there are simply moments when you feel that you’ve bitten more than you can chew and suddenly everything seems to come crashing down. It’s all about deadlines and figures and meetings and deals that it’s no wonder that sometimes, you find yourself lost. This is why I consider myself lucky to have a place to go back to that reminds me why I do what I do and that puts me back in my place and in tip-top shape. Everyone needs a place like this. Personally, it doesn’t have to be a grand, luxurious and exotic place. It also doesn’t have to be expensive… Since I don’t think you can buy the feeling of coming home no matter how much you spend. If you find this place, cherish it and go back to it once in a while… You never really know how much good it can do to revitalize you.

As for me? I can see clearly now.




x, J

White Belted Jacket: Zara
Wide-leg Pants: Bershka
Wide Brim Suede Hat: Copper
Pumps: Zara
Bag: Givenchy