No Bad Blood Here







Strong words… huh? Well, I saw this saying and it made so much sense to me… considering the tornado of negativity I have been through the past few days. I’ve been all about positivity and maintaining peace and order in my life which is why it significantly saddens me when people just don’t choose their battles wisely. Suffice to say, I am one who is all about respecting people’s personal space which is why I am very careful about overstepping my boundaries… why? Because it’s just a waste of precious time to fight over something that’s so petty and very easy to resolve. The thing is: If you’re over 18 and still worried about boys, haters and reputation, please refocus. Please… REFOCUS. A very important adage that I live with is that no one has ever made themselves great by showing how small someone is… and while I made mistakes in the past, I lived, I learned and I now know better. Nothing but love and no drama.




I just wanted to say this as this outfit is so calm and I was radiating positivity when I wore this look… I know it’s slightly sickening how I am all about rainbows and butterflies recently… even my Snapchat is on blast and I may sound like a broken record but as you become more enlightened, generally you just have less interest in getting involved in uninspiring and harmful ideas. If I have to distance myself to be in a better place… then I will, in a heartbeat… I don’t even have to take a second to think about it.



PS: Always remember that nothing… And I mean NOTHING is worth your health. It’s ironic how I realized this only recently. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety and fear. Let go of things and people that do. Then just breathe, reboot, smile and KEEP GOING.
x, J
White Dress: Zara
Birkin Bag: Hermes
Bow Tie Red Pumps: Aminah Ambdul