It’s all there in black and white



I’ve been wearing the most monochromatic clothes and outfits recently and I noticed I have not been wearing any color at all. Of course, this observation has puzzled me immensely since when I started blogging, I was all about the color. Maybe I am growing up and going for more classic pieces or perhaps I prefer clean cuts and “no frills attached” in terms of the clothes I wear. I can’t really pinpoint when this transition happened but somehow it seems the way I now dress up and select my outfits has changed drastically. While personally, this is a welcome change, I do also hope you don’t find me boring…yet.

P1550621 P1550627 P1550670



My life has revolved around work recently which is why I also don’t choose over the top and outrageous ensembles. Now that I have more responsibilities and a certain level of professionalism to embody, which is of course reflected drastically in the way I present myself, I have been choosing safer options- less frou frou and less edge definitely. Of course, dressing up for work can still be fun and safe doesn’t always equate to dull and unimaginative. If there is one thing I can comment about corporate dressing, it stretches out my creativity further and I am challenged to always innovate and still add my own personal flair.

Take this outfit as an example. Whole from the front, this seems like any other blouse-cropped pants combo, the particular thing that I love about the blouse is that it has a frilled hem tail made possible by the mullet or high low style which makes the piece more interesting especially when viewed from the back or the side. I also added some bling via the statement necklace I used as an accent. I find that accessories have been my friend recently as it adds panache and zest instantly.

P1550634 P1550688 P1550692 P1550694

P1550678P1550619 P1550651

I hope this entry made sense especially on how to personalize and jazz up your everyday “basic” pieces.

x, J


High Low Black Blouse: Details<
Structured Cropped Pants: Details
Black and White Weave Details Pumps: LAMB
Le Boy Bag: Chanel
Bangle: Chanel