Maxi Dressing


It is always a good time for a fresh start.

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If I would pick a fresh piece from my closet: I always go for the maxi dress! I can practically live in them! I love maxi dresses as they the most carefree and effortlessly chic outfit option a woman can  have especially on days one just can’t find something to wear. If anything, I think it’s called “The Maxi Dress” because you can literally maximize its use for almost any event you need to go to: the beach (it’s a luggage staple!), work, a weekend get-away, running simple errands, a fancy dinner… even a formal wedding… it doesn’t matter because all you need are the right shoes, accessories and add-ons and you’re practically good to go, right?

So, as much as possible, I invest in maxi dresses and also make sure to have them handy especially when I am going out of town and exploring. So far, it has never failed me. Take this pastel hued halter maxi dress I am wearing as an example. I had the best time roaming around and taking in the place I was in while wearing this comfortable piece from Paradise Treats…it had every aspect on my checklist: chic, beautifully made, comfortable, cotton fabric, vibrant colorful print. It was perfect and it was a beautiful way to go through my day exploring and wandering about!



x, J

Maxi Dress: Paradise Treats
Woven Hat: Zara
Wedge Shoes: Topshop