Keeping It Casual


As much as I love getting all dolled up and dressing up to the nines, there are just some days that I want to dress down and keep it casual. These are usually during the weekends when I simply just want to lay low and throw on the first thing I see in my closet. Of course, dressing down doesn’t always mean sacrificing personal style which is why even if I want to keep my look as simple as possible, I still make sure it looks consistent, put together and classy.


I admit, this wouldn’t be something I would recommend to wear when you’re meeting someone for lunch, a weekend meeting or for going to a weekend party. I would usually wear ensembles like this for weekend errands, going to the mall or catching a movie and while usually, I would spare myself the hassle of taking an outfit shot when I wear something this laid back and simple, I decided to still do it because I wanted to show you all that there are times when I also just want to slum it and skip the primping and being all glammed up. More so, since my weekends are usually dedicated to furniture sourcing (I’m in the dressing up and accessorizing part of my house which is the most fun part), I would usually be seen in something very easy to move in while I go around in search for home decor. As a side note, I think that it is also very amazing that I enjoy shopping for furniture and home items more now than I do for clothing. Usually when I go to the malls, I skip the fashion boutiques and head straight to the lifestyle area.


As you would notice, I have picked out a more monochromatic and neutral palette as well which has been my preference lately. While I do wear color every once in a while, I do find myself gravitating towards more quiet and subdued tones most of the time. Of course, I still try to add accent pieces and tons of accessories just to jazz up and give life to my look. I think that no matter what- that is one aspect of how I dress up that I will never let go of. Also, weekends call for casual bags which is why I love this classic Michael Kors bag. It simply is the perfect size and shape because I can toss everything in it and I won’t be forced to be too careful in trying to keep in clean and away from the elements. More so, it is very easy to carry around as ¬†I have two options on how to wear it and the canvas material makes it so durable and scratch proof. While I admit that back in college, my school bag was a Louis Vuitton Monogram Deauville, which I carried around campus, I would certainly trade that in for something as easy to wear and carry such as this bag. It is also important to invest in durable pieces like a carry-all bag like this because you can literally wear it with everything, everywhere and everyday! Anyway, I hope you liked this look which is something very different from what I would usually post!


x, J

White Vest: Zara
Black Tank Top: Mango
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Michael Kors
Bangles: Cartier, Tiffany and Louis Vuitton
Three Layered Amethyst Hamsa Necklace: Stone River