Blue and White Robe


Guess what? I wore a blue and white robe around town and loved every minute of every minute of it… because… Why not?

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I was a huge fan of the whole pajama dressing trend so I decided to wear a robe while going around one weekend while I was out of town and it was the most comfortable thing ever! I love collecting robes and have a variety stocked up- I have those long fluffy ones (the kind you find at hotels) and simple linen ones- perfect for hot summer days. Of course, I stock up on these because they’re quote comfortable and since my new home is pretty open (meaning there are a lot of windows making me very visible), I simply can’t walk around the house in my typical “daster” aka a dress you wear around the house or tank top and cotton shorts “pambahay.” The secret to looking decent and not causing quite a stir with my neighbors and some of the workers and suppliers I have around the house is throwing around a robe over my house clothes.

P1500785 P1500812 P1500834 P1500839 P1500844
My ever growing collection has made me more creative in trying to utilize these robes and working them into my regular outfits. While originally, I thought this nautical looking robe was perfect for a beach trip, being advised to stay away from the beach for a couple of months (remember that incident with two jellyfish stings in a span of 3 months?) has made that plan not feasible. So late last year, when I went out of town to Iloilo for a quick trip to visit my scholars, my grandmother (who is 100 years old and actually quite healthy) and to look around one of my favorite places, I decided to somehow incorporate it in the outfits I packed. I don’t really stay for over three nights in Iloilo so I try to keep my luggage very compact and minimal (yes, even if it’s hard to believe, I try not to pack anything that I couldn’t fit in my carry-on) and that means a lot considering I am almost always fined for over baggage in trips. I tried to keep my color palette as neutral and uniform as possible which means: 1) a lot of white 2) a lot of brown and 3) some interesting outerwear to put over my rather bland blank canvas of an outfit- one of which included this robe. I am happy that when I wore it and cinched it up with a belt, it looked less of something I would wear in the house and more of a casual blouse… it was also quite comfortable and easy to move around, considering I wore this for one whole day of running around. So, I guess that’s a good tip to keep in mind especially when you want to make the most use out of the pieces you have in your wardrobe!


Cabana Striped Blue and White Linen Robe: Pippah
White Denim Jeans: Zara
White Tank Top: Mango
Birkin Bag: Hermes
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Pretty Little Blings
Bangles: Louis Vuitton, Cartier, C.Wonder
Belt: Rag & Bone

x, J