Staycation Essentials

P1550222As much as we love our jobs and what we do…let’s face it: every once in a while, burning out is unavoidable and needing time for some peace and quiet or whatever it is people get away for is inevitable. However, if you are like me who thinks going on a vacation trip to some far away place is a logistical nightmare, do not fret. I found the perfect solution: STAYCATIONS and while I take staycation to another level by actually packing up and checking in a great hotel with full amenities, it is proof that anyone can still “get away from it all” in the convenience of staying in the city.


Here are my list of MUST-DO Tips for a GREAT STAYCATION

1. Unplug.

Don’t read your email and go off the grid when it involves work. As much as possible, make your staycation device-free by vowing to only checking your smartphone during short pre-set times or for use of calming and relaxing music from your Itunes so sooth you.

2. Have a spa day.

Nothing beats having a luxurious day at the spa (and you can actually avail of home service massage, mani/pedi etc.) Get the full experience and pamper yourself silly and let the worries of everyday life fade away.

3. Perfect the art of napping.

Create the perfect relaxation spot. Whether it is on an outdoor hammock, a sun lounger by the pool or in you own comfortable couch, revisit that indulgent experience of taking a long relaxing nap in the middle of the day.

4. Catch up on reading.

Nothing work-related, please. Stock up on some amazing novels or biographies (if you’re into those) and allot plenty of time to get lost in them and let yourself get carried away. BONUS: a good book is a great way to unwind and to keep yourself away from technology too.

5. Order in or if you must eat out, don’t go anywhere you’ve been before.

I usually abuse the “Room Service” offerings of hotels when I indulge in my staycay but like when you are on a vacay, avoid visiting your usual haunts and dare to try something new and different. Craving for a particular cuisine? Do a search of the best place in your area for that cuisine and you might just find yourself in the “best keep secret” hole in the wall place.

5. Avoid doing errands or chores.

Finish everything that needs attending to before you go on your much needed staycation. Remember that nothing in your life will fall apart if you ignore it for a couple of days.

6. Most of all, reward yourself.

You’ve been clocking in hours of hard-work and patience-testing. You deserve it! Give yourself a gift. Pour yourself a large glass of wine any time of the day (you’re basically on vacation). Give yourself some much-deserved alone time, have an expensive and delicious meal.Stay in your PJs all day. Never feel guilty about anything. You earned this!


Shot at: Discovery Primea Pool | Swimsuit by: Wear Sundae
x, J