Electric Blue Leather


Life’s tough…leather up!


In this post, I go back to my rocker chick days and there’s no better way to rev that up full throttle than with a biker leather jacket. I am sure everyone missed the good old days (Circa 2010-2012) that I was so biker chic in leather, studs and grommets and while I can’t really wear those elements in one look anymore (I grew up!), I can still reminisce to the good old days… and while I am usually in more decent and respectable clothes now, my iPod still contains my favorite rock bands like ZZ Top, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Rollingstones… so no matter what you say, I’ve got the music in me… and well, I also kind of let it out for this occasion… Exhibit A: Electric Blue Leather Jacket. I do have to say that I love “THE LEATHER JACKET” as it is a piece that is both pragmatic and versatile enough to always be rationalize. It’s a statement piece all by itself, backed up by decades’ worth of ineffable cool (Cue in: Marlon Brando, James Dean, Sid Vicious, Ramones…) So when I see a good leather jacket, I try not to think about it much and go by my instinct and my gut told me that I had to wear this electric blue leather jacket… and that is exactly what I did. I chose this bold, loud and proud Electric Blue Shade and used it as the accent piece to an all-white everything ensemble. The reason for this is that the jacket in itself was a STRONG STATEMENT and I needed to keep everything else simple and fuss-free to avoid too many colors and elements and prints so I decided to wear it over a white on white top and pants combination. Of course, I also wanted to keep things simple to make way for my other statement piece apart from the jacket which is my Hermes Birkin in Bleu Electrique or more famously known as “THE BREAK-UP BIRKIN” since I got it as a gift to myself ¬†after I broke up with a significant other. Doesn’t the saying go—“Don’t cry, buy a bag. and get over it…” Wise words and actually very effective.


So this is basically the look, white on white with a lot of statement pieces in electric blue which goes to show that even if you’re in a plain white anything, it is the pieces you add on to that which can make your outfit be one-of-a-kind. Invest in statement pieces—they never fail!