Rebel Heart


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Here was my outfit for the Madonna  REBEL HEART concert I watched which was worth every penny I spent because she was just SO GOOD! I wanted to go to the concert and pay homage to the original Material Girl and it just Like A Prayer that I found this tulle pencil skirt which I conveniently paired with a leather-type black cropped bustier all from my closet. Sometimes, it pays not to always just buy a new outfit for every occasion since as this ensemble proves, even if you have a particular theme in mind, you just might be surprised by what you already have stashed in your own collection. I wanted to Cause a Commotion despite being absolutely comfortable so as I combined style and function, I was absolutely in Vogue when I added this studded shoulder detail blazer and you’ll never know What It Feels Like For A Girl dancing hours on end in heels so I kept my shoes low, comfortable but in style with perfectly matching studded kitten heels. I know I told everyone I was giving up studs and grommets, but it was a Girl Gone Wild kind of event and I just kept in might that Madonna’s music mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel…so who am I to be all preachy? It was truly a once in a lifetime experience to see the Queen aka. absolute Unapologetic Bitch rock it on stage! Here presence, performance level and entire production was just amazing and I love how she managed to be so consistent and awesome throughout her career of 30 years! Nobody does it better, cause Bitch, she is after all, Madonna! (I can go on and on with Madonna song references but I am sparing everyone of the pain!) All the love from the depth of my Rebel Heart!


x, J

Black Tulle Pencil Skirt: Fainted Floral Black Cropped Metallic Bustier: Topshop
Black Studded Shoulder Pads Blazer: Zara
Studded Pointy Toe Ankle Strap Kitten Heels: Zara
Bag: Chanel