Rue des Italiens, Paris

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It was another pleasant and sunny day in Paris and I decided to sneak in a couple of outfit shots on what would otherwise be known as the “shopping day” for the France leg of our European tour. People usually advise against wearing jumpsuits when traveling because it’s really not the most practical article of clothing to wear throughout the day. Aside from being a hassle to put on and off during bathroom breaks, most jumpsuits are (unfortunately) not made for petite people. I am the queen of hemming and it is definitely a challenge to find a jumpsuit for the vertically challenged woman and since most jumpsuits “fit right” with the use of the extra height boost high heels provide, anything elevated and a full day of walking just do not mesh well together.


But when you do find a jumpsuit that works, it’s phenomenal. I find that jumpsuits can easily be dressed up or down making it the perfect piece of clothing to wear from day to night. The trick I employed with finding this Zara jumpsuit is that I opted for a cropped and tailored one which is meant to be worn only until the shin for tall and standard height people. Since I am petite, the jumpsuit ends up being full length. Also, the problem of removing and re-wearing a onesie was solved as this was more of a “jumper” style and it was easy to access all the important things I needed to. I paired it with a semi-sheer embroidered long-sleeved top which surprisingly kept me cool throughout the day considering I spent a lot of time walking around. I styled the utility silhouette with pink tie-up ballet flats and my Chanel bag and I was good to go.


I took these series of photos in Rue des Italiens or boulevard des Italiens which is one of the four grand boulevards in Paris. We were buying dinner and I was able to snap a few photos before it rained. Of course, at that time, I wanted to document my outfit more than the scenery thus the car background (I apologize, I was desperate.) Majority of the day was spent inside Galeries Lafayette in Boulevard Hausmann which is an upmarket French department store. For Filipinos, compare it to a grander and bigger version of Rustan’s Department Store with all the designer brands you could possibly dream of and you’ll get the idea. As I am Filipinos and as a nationality, we are generally big on shopping malls, I still found this one overwhelming as it was divided into a four story home store, a five story men’s store and a ten store main store which had the spectacular and show-stopping stained glass dome which stole my attention away from the items for sale.



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Aside from the much needed retail therapy, it was also a day of gastronomic delights as we kickstarted the day with a delightful and flavorful late lunch at Noura which serves the best Lebanese food in Paris. It was highly recommended by our driver for the trip, Amar who actually came from Lebanon. We then headed to Angelina on Rue de Rivoli for some dessert. This was no fun for me as I am allergic to chocolate and haven’t tasted it for years and it was pure torture since everyone ordered the world famous Angelina’s hot chocolate and paired it with their sumptuous Mont Blanc pastry. Fortunately, I was able to find a dessert that had no chocolate and no nuts in it which was the St. Germain pastry. It was divine and I ended up taking home some because it was THAT good. It was basically cake with two choux pastry, lots of cream and heaven combined. The day ended with a couple of macarons from Pierre Herme and some wine shopping.

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