The Capitol and The Vatican, Rome


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Ciao! Another day and another blogpost on Rome and this time was for my day around touring the Capitoline (or The Capitol) and The Vatican. As a Catholic, it’s is a dream to be in The Vatican which is the seat of the Catholic Faith. It was one of those things in my bucket list that I had to check and I am blessed to have been able to visit such a sacred place. The day has been a cultural day of sorts as I was able to visit the nuclei of both the political and religious aspects of Roman life. The main highlight of my day though was being able to visit The Vatican but I was sad I was not able to see the pope. Nonetheless, it was a surreal experience and I had to keep on pinching myself to make sure what was happening was real life. Of course, I kept photos limited to the museum area and the exterior as I wanted to respect the sanctity of such a holy place. We scheduled our tour of The Vatican after lunch which is ideal since you avoid the heavy lines and the many tourists also wanting to visit… and I can’t imagine how full it could get as I already found it quite crowded as is. I find it difficult to talk about the beautiful experience I had in these beautiful places so, for lack of words, enjoy the photos and “Rome” with me.

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