#JANANDJOANNA: First Complete Set of Our Pre-wedding Session in Villa Milagros with Quirky Creatives


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As mentioned, wedding planning isn’t easy and probably one of the first things couples want to tackle (aside from booking and locking in suppliers) is having their engagement or pre-wedding shoot. There are so many things to consider and it takes a lot of scheduling, planning and conceptualizing so it is of utmost importance that couples take their time and enjoy the ride. Trust me when I say that being stressed out, anxious or annoyed shows up in photos and no amount of planning, expert makeup or beautiful sets can mask it when you’re feeling uncomfortable during a shoot. (More on this topic in a later entry when I post some tips and tricks to nailing your engagement shoot!)

One thing I can take away from wedding planning is that I am absolutely blessed to have a fiancé who makes the process so easy and who is as committed and as OC as I am when it comes to the details. I am especially proud of Yan’s willingness to support and indulge my meticulousness and who is so involved in all things wedding related. This is probably why this shoot, as with our other shoots, has been such an amazing experience.

For my look, I tried to avoid “casual” ensembles because I’ve probably said it so many times but I am actually one of those people who enjoys dressing up. I reckon that I was probably born in the wrong era as I probably enjoy wearing gowns and formal dresses over the normal everyday attire that my obsession with collecting gowns (even for no actual occasion) has required me to have my own gown studio/ closet in my home office where I can store my collection. For the classic, elegant and dreamy look and pegs that I had in mind, I trusted only Francis Libiran and Kristel Yulo for providing the dresses for this shoot. This was of course complimented perfectly by the flawless looks crafted by Rae V. Salazar of Real Makeup Artistry who did my hair and makeup for all our layouts.

No matter what, Yan and I committed to making this a fun and pleasant experience which is probably why it turned out that way- but not without help of Villa Milagros which made this shoot possible and our session as comfortable, luxurious and unforgettable as possible. You can read my review on Villa Milagros here. The already beautiful backdrop Villa Milagros had was made even more beautiful by the set designed by Tipping Point Collective.

Another of the biggest factors which made our shoot experience extraordinary was the significant role that Quirky Creatives as led by our photographer Noel Salazar had in executing our dream concept. From planning to execution, their commitment to make this an incredible day for us is something I have to commend Noel and his team for. He kept us calm and relaxed, he made us laugh and he didn’t pressure us to exert ourselves to the point that it was beyond our natural selves; all while taking beautiful photographs and capturing us magically and artistically. Being there with him and the rest of the team and our other suppliers felt that we were with our long-time friends and not with our photographers, makeup artists and stylists.

One thing I can take away from this experience which I have also applied with the whole wedding planning is that it always helps to be prepared and to plan in advance. But do know that no amount of planning will help if you don’t enjoy the moment and take things in as you go. Brides, our wedding and our engagement photo session are a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it is something that we have all dreamed of when we were all little girls. This is probably why we want it to be flawless. I know that with social media, the pressure to be perfect is even more intensified. But allow me to say that perfect is nothing if you can’t take things in, enjoy the moment and create beautiful memories of this experience with your groom-to-be. After all, no matter what, it should still be about the two of you.

So, without further adieu, here is the set of our pre-wedding photos…

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Photographer: Noel Salazar of Quirky Creatives | Venue: Villa Milagros | Stylist: Tipping Point Collective | Hair and Makeup Artist: Rae V. Salazar of Real Makeup Artistry | Gowns: Francis Libiran and Kristel Yulo