#JANANDJOANNA | Our Modern Minimalist Pre-wedding Shoot with Chestknots

Jan and Joana-191 Yan and I had quite a number of pre-wedding photoshoots planned and to avoid redundancy, we decided to change the look of each photoshoot. We are both especially particular about small details which is why it was such an experience to get to work with Chestknots and Lifestyle by Feliz as they are, like me and Yan, perfectionists.

Jan and Joanna x Chestknots Prewedding Shoot from Joanna Ladrido on Vimeo.

It was a huge risk to go for a modern, minimalist and geometric theme especially because most photoshoots being done now have a very dreamy, airy and romantic feel but I just  couldn’t escape being drawn to this aesthetic though especially with my background in interior design and my current obsession with rose gold, organic and minimalist themes. The challenge of course was bringing together all the elements to make a cohesive, well thought-of photo and video pre-wedding shoot and I was quite blown away by the end result. At the end of the day, I am so happy that Yan and I, along with the whole team, took a leap of faith and decided to work with what we love and I am very happy with how everything turned out. One of the biggest lessons I have learned from this shoot and in planning a wedding in general is to be as true to your aesthetic and style as possible. Be sure to make decisions based on what will make you and your fiancé happy to be doing and the rest… will work itself out.

Jan and Joana-159Jan and Joana-171Jan and Joana-142Jan and Joana-1965Jan and Joana-100 Jan and Joana-113Jan and Joana-1023Jan and Joana-134Jan and Joana-59Jan and Joana-17Jan and Joana-305Jan and Joana-239Jan and Joana-241Jan and Joana-2556Jan and Joana-288Jan and Joana-326Jan and Joana-322Jan and Joana-2987Jan and Joana-362Jan and Joana-366Jan and Joana-376Jan and Joana-384Jan and Joana-26Jan and Joana-53Jan and Joana-3471Jan and Joana-415Jan and Joana-440Jan and Joana-420Jan and Joana-434Jan and Joana-459Jan and Joana-4808Jan and Joana-505Jan and Joana-540Jan and Joana-543Jan and Joana-546Jan and Joana-538Jan and Joana-510Jan and Joana-687Jan and Joana-713Jan and Joana-1009Jan and Joana-1012Jan and Joana-57412Jan and Joana-594Jan and Joana-609Jan and Joana-593Jan and Joana-6729Jan and Joana-608Jan and Joana-641Jan and Joana-666Jan and Joana-727Jan and Joana-73311Jan and Joana-720Jan and Joana-725Jan and Joana-738Jan and Joana-747Jan and Joana-775Jan and Joana-769Jan and Joana-788Jan and Joana-1046Jan and Joana-790

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Photography: Chestknots Studio
Styling: Lifestyle by Feliz
Location: K By Cunanan
Gowns: Kristel Yulo and Francis Libiran
Suits: Bianca Cordero and Joey Espiritu
Makeup: Jackie Majica Flores
Hair: Soenny Lime
Cake: Sweet Apple Creations
Invitations: Global Invitations
Graphic Design: Nikki Sunga