Fascinating New Thing

Dress: Zara | Denim Jacket: Zara | Necklace: H&M | Shoes: Pinky Toes | Bag: Tonic
Fascinating new thing
You delight me, And I know you’re speaking of me
Fascinating new thing
Get beside me, I want you to love me

I’m surprised that you’ve never been told before
That you’re lovely and you’re perfect
And that somebody wants you

Fascinating new thing

The scene-making, Want a temporary savior
Fascinating new thing
Don’t betray them By becoming familiar
 The past months have been
one of the defining moments of my life. One of those times I will always
look back to as the best (and worst) days of my life. As I was reflecting during my award winning 11 hour “staring into space in bed state” the other day, I thought to myself that: “This is as good as it gets…” And
I have to admit….in so many ways, it always will be. Probably everyday we wake up is as good as it gets. Most of
us say that our 20’s are the time of our lives and to some certain extent,
it really was for me since I opened up to a lot of new experiences… some of which I regret ever doing
but more than anything, these experiences and these revelations and rude
awakenings made me come out of my shell, take me out my safety net and
allowed me to just simply be me, I realized who my sincere and genuine friends were…my “people” as I refer to them since I know that deep down, despite all the drama and the conflicts in my ever-so-colorful-storybook-turned-soap-opera-life, they stuck by me and they probably always will. These are the people who have loved me unconditionally. THROUGH IT ALL. And they will always be referred to as my diamonds….Thank you guys! You all know who you are. I am keeping this blog entry as simple as possible. As I embark on a lot of new conquests and a journey of a great life ahead of me… all I can say is, I finally got my groove back.

On Big statement necklaces. 
Since SUMMER screams BACK TO BASICS…. we need to set ourselves
apart from the black/ gray/ white hooo-hummm colors of the season and add
pizazz by super-sizing our accessories to what would seem to be wardrobe
that’s bordering minimalist-to-blah-blah-bland. From vintage beads to
jaw-dropping gemstones to multi-strand necklaces, this season is all
about making a statement. It can be hard to pull these off on a
day-to-day basis, so cutting back on the number of pieces worn is a good
way to make this trend seem less over-whelming. But for a big event
like a charity auction, pull out all the stops – a statement piece is
always a great addition to make you stand out from the crowd.

xx, JL