A Call to Arms (I Got Soul but I’m Not A Soldier)



Ever want to just stop?
Do you want to surrender?
Or fight for victory?
Here we are at the start, I can feel the beating of our hearts
Here we are at the start…
Darkness falls, here comes the rain to wash away the past and the names
Camouflage Sheer Chiffon Blouse: Zara | Shorts: Zara | Shoes: DAS | Bag: Chanel 2.55 | Necklace: Promod | Accessories: Charriol
Life is a battlefield, and I guess I dressed appropriately for such in a camouflage sheer top and matching running shorts both from Zara’s F/W Collection which I am absolutely in love and infatuated with. Call it my Only The Marvelous take on G.I. Jane but the military trend for Autumn/Winter is definitely one of the trends I am more than happy to resurrect but this time, less into the utilitarian chic vibe and more into the knitty gritty combat worthy gear (I need a soldier in here!!!). The thing I absolutely loved about this top (even if I rarely purchase anything “sleeved” is the fact that it has the toughened up military camouflage print but is contrasted by the softness and lightness of the textile which is semi-sheer chiffon. Suffice to say, it was SO ME as I am quite the walking contradiction and in lieu of other words to describe it, I am quite an “incorrect concept”. (Still borrowing lines from John Green if you noticed.) But anyway, as I mentioned in my previous blog post (refer to two posts back), when I shop I usually already mentally prepare outfits top to bottom which results in me wearing one brand all in one go, which is a direct byproduct of my OC traits. I mean, if I buy something, I want to avoid having to wrack my brain for what to pair that something with the items I already have in my closet…and given my memory has been quite unreliable lately (a side effect of trying to find normalcy somehow), it helps to pair up separates already in the store. The bonus is, it saves me the long arduous process of having to go through all my stuff since I can readily wear the outfit straight from the paper bag! 
The Armadillo Shoes from DAS

And so, that very long explanation, somehow accounts for why I had this awesome pair of Zara shorts (which were absolutely comfortable and a blast to wear) to pair with said chiffon camouflage blouse. I have been eyeing these shorts for quite some time already but couldn’t really find anything suitable to wear it with, that is until the top came along. I love how it resembles a chic amplified version of running shorts but with an edgy appeal as it has a metallic gold zipper detail. I decided to wear my “Armadillo” (it looks like an armadillo, seriously) pair of boots from my favorite shoe brand, DAS and I was all set and, for no other reason other than to sound witty, ready for combat. The combat pertaining to the “fight to not pig out” Stella dinner at the new High Street in BGC with friends and of course, the battle of trying to not be afraid (or jump out of my seat) as we watched Sinister on that Saturday night I wore this outfit. 
What more can I say except the fact that this outfit re-infused my way of thinking and of course my belief in that saying that goes, “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.” I have been quite the doormat lately and have been keeping quiet despite the vicious attacks and accusations being thrown at me like a grenade. Explosion after explosion, I decided to keep my mouth shut and not be on the defensive mode. The Art of War teaches you to choose your battles wisely, and when to learn to let go and fold back. Ignorance, as most people would say, is bliss. Finding and accepting our strength is a very important aspect of knowing oneself. People do not usually know their strength, but empowered people do. When we deny our strength, we give up pieces of who we are. When we use our strength for power over others, we deny who they are. Either way, we lose. Much of our strength comes from knowing and accepting ourselves and accepting that we are not the center of the universe. As we accept ourselves, we come to realize our strength is directly connected and one with a power greater than ourselves. When we tap into  that power, we know that we have all the strength we need for whatever comes.
At the end of the day, I knew I was winning. I just know, come on. The person that remains in control is the one that wins. 
xx, JL