Not another teen queen in bubble gum pink

I know what everyone is thinking with this outfit at first glance. I actually taught it myself when I saw myself in the mirror. The bubble gum pink statement sweater + the pleated cheerleader style miniskirt = the outfit of the teen queen in most H.S. movies and of course when you think of H.S. teen queen, I think Regina George from Mean Girls is the first character that comes to mind. It might be that I am 27 going on 28… but I feel this strange need to dress up as fun and as young as possible the past few days because I can still get away with it. Besides, what is fashion if not fun? Sometimes, one has to take a whimsical outlook too when it comes to dressing up… So I wore this to the much-awaited for Manila Sundance Bazaar over at Metrotent, Ortigas.

Statement Bubblegum Pink Sweater: Fashion Infinity
Black Pleated Mini Skirt: Zara
Layered Pearl Necklaces: Forever 21
Pale Pink Ankle Strap Shoes:
Cream Bamboo Sling Bag: Gucci
It is also quite a statement that I am making with this outfit actually. It is a very blatant five finger discount to every troll out there. As a blogger, I accept that is a part of the lifestyle. You signed up to scrutiny the very moment your start a blog of your own. However, back in 2012, there was a very ranky tabloid and downright disgusting site was made and was patterned after the “Burn Book” in the said movie where fashion bloggers in the Philippines were targeted and hated on. I have to admit (being the self deprecating person I am) that some (not all) of the things said there about me were true but I think it was presented in such a salacious and vulgar way that it made me sick to my stomach. Looking back, those were some of the worst days I’ve encountered ever since I started blogging… and I say some because there was one specifically that outweighs it although this one does make it to my top three. I decided to fight against myself and fight against other people responsible for that and while it was much easier to just stay quiet amidst all the controversy, I was brought up to speak out when I see injustice being done and this was one thing I did not want to just look at the other direction as these things were unfolding.
Now that I think about it, I don’t regret anything at all. I may have been pegged as a mean girl and I will take that and own it if that means that is what you become labeled as for being outspoken. However, I personally believe that the true measure of a person emerges based on the things they do when no one is watching and I must say, I know deep inside that I treat readers, followers, friends and of course, the people who work for me with utmost respect and kindness and while the outside world would peg me as a bitch, I would rather be that than fake. The good thing about not giving up and selling out is that I was able to find out who was behind it all as an admission by the said person was made to my face. I also got a private apology. For the other ones who were victimized by the said site were not granted that same privilege.
In the end, allow me to say that having a life separate from blogging is important as it keeps you grounded. The hate comments I get don’t faze me because I know who I am and who I am not and more so, because I have an advocacy and a cause that I have to work for. There are more important things in my life than maintaining public image and perception; which is why I will humbly admit to the world when I am wrong, something I find is so hard to do for certain people. So what was the moral lesson in all of this? One, is to stand up and fight for yourself and against what is wrong, even if no one is fighting with you. Two, have a life outside this industry so you do not get sucked in to the superficiality of it all. Three, be comfortable with who you are. Don’t believe every negative thing written about you. Four, keep your principles intact. This world which is comparable to “girl world” in  Mean Girls is so much more vicious and it will be very easy to say a thing or two about someone else just to get yourself in the good graces of certain people. And lastly, blog for yourself…because the money, the fame, the freebies are just additional perks to the job. Do not make it your reason for doing what you do. You are here to represent yourself as a person and to show your personality especially in how you dress and carry yourself. Don’t do it for popularity because once you do, your purpose is lost.
xx, JL
Photos from Manila Sundance Bazaar