They don’t call it “fall” for nothing

There is always so enticing about fall colors that I like. To be honest, I am not a fan of the weather but I do like the whole situational dressing involved in the new season. I am a fan of the colors and I think that definitely shows in this outfit which involves elements of a few of my favorite colors including cobalt blue and wonderful hues of beige and brown. I have been waiting forever to wear this outfit. You see, I bought it last year and it was just forever hung on the rack of clothing I have already matched and paired. Unfortunately, some clothes were prioritized and this ended up on the back burner of the rack. By the time I realized this outfit existed (yes, it is a very dire situation) it was already almost summer so back to the rack it went. Since it is appropriate to wear now, I knew I had to wear it. I paired it with my favorite beige cape (not seen on the photo) as the weather was quite harsh then but had some time to take some photos of me in this luckily. Don’t get me wrong, I am lamenting the return of the -ber seasons. A new season always brings in new hopes, new expectations so I always make it a point to take time and smell that musky scent of earth after rain (it is referred to as “petrichor” I think). It’s true that like all good things (aka. summer) must come to an end. And after all, “they don’t call it fall for nothing.”

 Cobalt Blue Sweater: Zara
Wool Tartan Beige Origami Skort: Zara
Tawny Brown Suede Tie-Up Booties: Ami Clubwear (Also worn HERE)
Crocodile Skin Lucrezia Bag: Givenchy (Also worn HERE)
As with managing expectations from a new seasons, allow me to dabble on the topic of expectations. When it comes to life: don’t expect anything. Life doesn’t owe any of us anything. It certainly doesn’t also owe you a thing. I find the whole Expectations vs. Reality topic something that is a disappointment waiting to happen because the truth is: what happens in real life is so far off what we’ve pictured it out to be. Then cue in the depression, tears and histrionics. There’s nothing wrong with hopes and dreams, don’t get me wrong but there is a fine line between dreaming and thinking something is bound to happen. Allowing yourself to be free from the let down of having expectations set is that we are allowed to bask in the essence of every moment when we are out and existing and being able to experience a moment of bliss and pure enjoyment because we don’t have to worry about what hasn’t happened yet. Here is what I know: living in the moment is the best gift you can give yourself; because finally you are liberated from expecting to know what the future holds (which actually nobody knows… psychics and fortune-tellers included). Dwelling on foreshadowing of what your life should become is not living…it is simply existing and I, for one, think that is such a waste of life. Expecting things from life simply means that you live in the future, lose your present because of you past’s thirst for the unknown. But all that matters, really, is now. That’s how it should be.
To be honest, life is not something to expect something from because more often than not, it will just throw at you the least expected thing you will somehow need to adjust yourself to. It will be, and trust me on this, difficult to adjust to it if you had expectations of what it would be. The expectations we have of the future can sometimes mislead you into thinking like a control freak. And truth be told, if that is the case, how will you manage if life gives you something you did not expect and ultimately lets you down. I’ve been there and gone through that far too many times and it is excruciating. This is where the damage comes. Expectations happen as an effect of an inner hope and reach for something even better than the current status where we are in. Expectations, in essence, is not really a bad thing as long as they do not create an unrealistic hope of something “even better.” Expectations create heartache and we can not expect certain things or gestures from another person. Everybody has their own share of challenges in life. Nobody gets everything they want. No one will ever understand the situation we are in no matter how hard we try to explain. It will always be up to you to understand yourself, to know where you stand and to understand what you can and can not have. I say that let us all just give up all the expectations and give the unexpected things in life. Live life everyday like a blank slate ready to acquire all that there is and from there, perhaps be able to build all the lessons in life we can.

Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

xx, JL