My Pregnancy Skin Must-Haves

DSCF2422Finally being pregnant is such a wonderful and amazing time. I say that first hand because for the past months, I finally know what it is like to be truly blessed with life growing inside of you. Everyone always seems to be talking about the pregnancy glow and while many people have been commenting about me having some kind of radiance about me (probably because of how generally happy I am from within), I am the first to admit that it isn’t all about rainbows and butterflies as I have also not been immune to the skin problems that pregnancy brings about. Continue reading My Pregnancy Skin Must-Haves

REVIEW: Big Day Slim Team

Adobe Spark

I am the type of person who prefers to have my beauty services and  treatments done from home. With the heavy traffic in Metro Manila, even a simple trip to the spa or a wellness clinic is in itself a chore and the travel time to get from Point A to Point B is honestly more than enough added stress. This is why I was so happy that I found out about A Big Day Slim Team, a company that understands that while a girl has got to pamper and beautify herself, it would be so much better for them to do so from the convenience of her own home. Continue reading REVIEW: Big Day Slim Team

Beauty Must-haves and Tech Shopping at the LAZADA ONLINE REVOLUTION


I don’t know about you but for a long time, I’ve known that Maybelline is a tried and tested brand for affordable yet really high quality makeup which is why my makeup kit i never without my favorite Maybelline Mascara. I find that the brand has been a constant in my life as it’s probably the one makeup brand that I used way back when I was a teenager and until now and it’s never failed to make me look glamorous.

Now if you didn’t already know, Maybelline products and so much more brands and product categories are part of the LAZADA GRAND ONLINE REVOLUTION SALE where products like my favorite Maybelline Mascara was marked down to P139 (from 199) and can you imagine me hoarding this makeup kit staple? (Hint:It actually happened.)

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Dreaming of Spring


While I still have a surplus of Fall/Winter clothes that I haven’t even worn yet (I blame Global Warming for the hot summery Christmas we had!), I am looking forward to a new season and by that… I mean… SPRING!!! People always ask me what my favorite season is and while I do love summer, the truth is I love all the seasons as each new season brings forth a new reason to always be situationally dressed and I love that. I am all about that! 

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