The Blazer Dress


Dressing up for the workplace is something I am still getting accustomed to. I’there quite vocal in the past on how I refer to my style as somewhat “fashion bipolar” as I seem to have a penchant to wear outfits from complete opposites of the style spectrum and I do it quite severely wherein one day, I may be flirty and feminine and then the next, I’m all about androgynous and rocker chic attire. It was something I had a lot of fun with especially when I was in my early-mid twenties which I think is the perfect age to get away with almost everything (I say almost because when it comes to fashion, I tend to have a never say never policy but I have to say I made the exception and drew the line to that rule for visible underwear, thong lines, bra straps and pasties.) I got to experiment and that was fun but I’ve come a long way and while studs and spikes and grommets were something I used to be fond of, I think that hardly passes as appropriate work attire… well, unless you work in a brothel or you’re a dominatrix or something.





Anyway, a current obsession of mine and the solution to my work wear dilemma is this… THE BLAZER DRESS. While most would think getting dressed for the office is an absolute bore, I have to disagree with that notion completely as I have been so challenged when it comes to this tasked and if you know me, I am one to always love a good challenge. I’ve also always been one who wanted variety and as much as I love my tailored suits which I have in most colors, it does get a little hum drum sometimes and in this tropical country, it isn’t exactly always the best option. However, recently, I have been able to come across “The Blazer Dress” and can I just say that with just one article of clothing I was able to find a solution to mixing things up a bit.

For the record, The Blazer Dress is the feminine answer to androgynous corporate dressing. Of course, there have been countless times that I’ve worn a business suit and I did so without complaints… (Case in point, Exhibit A, Exhibit B and Exhibit C) but of course, there are some times I don’t feel like sacrificing my femininity just to be taken seriously when it comes to business meetings. (I know, I know, I have so much feels and I do tend to over-analyze everything!) This is why I am happy of this microtrend that is The Blazer Dress since while it is somewhat borrowed from menswear, it still adds feminine flair to the look and it is something I’d personally be proud to wear as I am getting ready to conquer the world. (Cue in: I am Woman, Hear Me Roar song). Now I found this particular design from Zalora and I was so obsessed with it that I got it in all colors possible. But this one though, in this shade of… Forest Green (?) is my favorite since the color is unusual and it’s nice to veer away from just the basic neutral colors once in a while. An important thing to remember though when it comes to wearing a blazer dress is that most of the time, it is very low cut. Do not go commando or just wear undies. I would advise a skin tone camisole or bustier to still keep things professional. No one should, after all, show too much skin.






Now Zalora is one of those brands and online shopping forums I have been absolutely obsessed with a I tend to linger on their site for a long time. I am proud to announce something in the works with the brand which I shall soon announce but do stay tuned for that!




Photos by: Celyn Jaravata

Blazer Dress in Forest Green: Zalora
Nude Lace Bustier: La Senza
Shoes: Forever 21
Watch: Patek Philippe
Forest Green Clutch: Dior

x, J


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